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Residential Remodeling by Owner-Operator Michael O'Leary

Michael O'Leary is the owner-operator of Michael O'Leary Design & Build, Inc., which offers residential remodeling and contractor services by a team of superior craftsmen for residential design and build in Davis, California. Our owner has assembled a terrific group of true artisans to complete your home remodel or addition project on time in order to exceed your greatest expectations.

Team Working on Blueprint

Michael O'Leary

Our owner and founder is Michael O'Leary believes residential design is architectural artwork. By nature, Michael is an artist. He enjoys impressionist oil painting and believes his designs are a practical form of art in which people can live. As a true craftsman, Michael enjoys creating something beautiful and building it. He handles all of the design work for our company and makes the decisions on important structural and aesthetic issues. To ensure each project runs smoothly, he is both on the job and behind the scenes through every stage of the work. He has provided quality custom building and remodeling services for our clients since 1991. "There is nothing else I would rather be doing; this business is an art form and a passion," states Michael.

The Design Team

The lead of our design team is Michael O'Leary himself. We have assembled a strong group of hardworking, honest, and knowledgeable artisans to bring your home project to fruition. Our team is built with more than carpenters. We offer a highly skilled remodeling team who bring their fine craft of remodeling skills to the table for you from plumbing and cabinetry to marble countertops and other construction work.

Jorge Jaime

Jorge Jaime has been an essential piece of the Michael O'Leary Design & Build, Inc. team for more than 10 years. He is very highly skilled and knowledgeable in the remodeling industry. Jorge is Michael's right hand man in getting the job completed to our customers' satisfaction.